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  • When is tuition due?
    Tuition is due by the first of every month. For example, tuition for the month of September is due by September 1st. A $20 late fee will be charged to accounts that are not paid by the 7th of the month. Parents are encouraged to enroll with auto pay to avoid late fees.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Credit Cards - Credit card payment are accepted through the parent's online account. A credit card processing fee will be added the charge for all credit card payments. ACH - ACH or electronic checks can be used through the parent's online account. There is no additional fee to make an ACH payment. Cash or Check - Cash or checks are accepted for in person payments made at the school.
  • What is your drop off and pick up policy?
    Please drop off your child no more than 5 MINUTES before class time. The first 15 minutes of class time is our welcome time so it is not necessary to arrive any earlier. Please pick up your child no later than 10 MINUTES after the end of class. We realize that unforeseen things happen and there will be times when you will be late. Be reassured that there will always be a teacher and an aide with your student until you can arrive. Cell phones are great for these kinds of emergencies. Let us know before hand if at all possible. Please be considerate to your child and your child’s teacher by being prompt in picking up your child.
  • Do you have quiet time or snack time?
    Midway into class we will have a short rest time with quiet music, a story and a snack. If you child has a special dietary need or allergies, please contact your teacher to arrange for special snacks.
  • Does my child need to be potty trained?
    Being potty-trained means to us; that your child can take care of all their bathroom needs by themselves, if a potty accident happens we will call you and make your child as comfortable as possible until you arrive.
  • How much notice needs to be given to discontinue preschool?
    There are a limited number of spots available in the classes. By enrolling at Apple Tree Schoolhouse you are entering into a 9 month committment. We understand circumstances can occur that would cause a student to need to discontinue with the program. Parents must provide 30 days notice the the school to withdraw from the program. Tution payments must still be made during the 30 day notice period. After the 30 day notice period is complete, parents wil no longer be responsible for tuition payments.
  • What is the registration fee used for?
    A non-refundable registration fee of $85 is required when a child is enrolled in the program. This fee holds your child's spot in the program and is used for supplies and other school materials.
  • What is your waiting list policy?
    Waiting list priority will be given to students who are currently enrolled in the school. In order to prioritize your child getting into the full class you must first enroll your child into an open class, then contact the school to place your child on the waiting list for your deisred class. A non-refundable registration fee will be charged when you enroll your child but will not be charged again when your child is transfered into the desired class if it becomes available.
  • Do you have auto pay?
    Yes! Parents can enroll in auto pay through the parent's on line account and pay by credit card or ACH (electronic check). There is a transaction fee to pay by credit card but an ACH payment is no cost. Parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for auto pay to avoid late fees.
  • What if my child is sick? Can he/she still come to school?
    Preventing the spread of illness within the school is a high priority. If your child is showing symptoms of being ill we ask that he/she be kept home. If your child becomes ill while at school he/she will be isolated from the other students and you will be contacted to pick up your child.
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