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Now enrolling for the 2024/2025 school year

2024 Summer Camps Now Available!

About Us

Welcome to our preschool in Kaysville, Utah! We are thrilled to serve the families of the greater Davis County area with top-quality preschool education. Our programs cater to children ages 3 and 4, with specialized classes for toddlers and pre-kindergarten students. We can't wait to support your child's growth and development at our preschool.

Our Mission

​At Apple Tree Schoolhouse, our mission is to nurture the emotional and social development of every child while also meeting their academic needs in a fun, age-appropriate, and loving environment. We believe that every child is unique and deserving of individualized attention and care. To the parents of our students, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for entrusting us with the care and education of your precious children. Thank you for choosing Apple Tree Schoolhouse.

Our Classroom

At our school, the classroom is designed to be a community of learners where all children are encouraged to consider and contribute to the well-being and learning of their peers. We believe that it is important to teach children to respect and acknowledge the differences in abilities and talents of each other, and to value their peers for their unique strengths. Our goal is to create a positive and inclusive learning environment where every child can feel valued and supported.

Our Curriculum

We pride ourselves on offering a developmentally appropriate and well-rounded curriculum that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of every child. Our daily routine includes a variety of creative and hands-on learning experiences that are both dynamic and fun. Our units of study are constantly evolving and tailored to the interests and needs of each school year. We believe that meaningful and firsthand learning is at the heart of a successful preschool education.

What parents say about our school...

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